• Intake appointments for new clients: $400 per visit
    • Psychiatric intake for psychiatric services such as diagnosis, consultation, genetic testing, ketamine therapy, and medication management for all ages: 2 intake visits ($800 total)
    • ADHD diagnostic testing for ages 22 and over: 2 intake visits ($800 total)
    • ADHD diagnostic testing for ages 6 through 21: 3 intake visits ($1200 total)
    • Autism diagnostic testing for ages 22 and over: 3 intake visits ($1200 total)
    • Autism diagnostic testing for ages 5 through 21: 4 intake visits ($1600 total)
  • Follow up appointments for psychiatric care/medication management: $200.
    • Follow up visits may be billed to insurance (when not associated with formal psychological testing).
  • Therapy or ketamine integration visits: 50 minutes, $300
  • Crisis visits: 30-50 minutes, $300
  • Initial Medical Cannabis certification: Cannabis only visit, $200. With another service, $50. Yearly Recertification, $100
  • Letter for accommodations or other forms: $50
  • Neurodiverse affirming Life Coaching: $100 up to 60 minutes.

We are in network and able to bill the following insurances. Please keep in mind that your out of pocket expenses are based entirely on the type of insurance plan you have. High deductible plan clients are 100% responsible for all costs prior to their visits until their deductible is met. We will assist you with determining your out of pocket costs prior to you committing to a visit. We are able to bill insurance for the following visit types: follow ups, therapy, ketamine, and crisis visits. For out of pocket expenses, such as intake visits, we are able to supply you with a superbill and receipt for possible partial reimbursement by your insurance company. We cannot guarantee reimbursement as this is dependent on your out-of-network benefits.

*IMPORTANT!: We are unable to bill insurance for the following visit types: Intakes (including diagnostic evaluations), cannabis certifications, coaching services, and paperwork/letter writing. This is due to the amount of time our providers spend with new clients and the thorough, personalized care provided by Radical Healing. Please keep in mind that a great deal of time is spent evaluating your case, reviewing testing, documenting, and consulting with others on your team. We don’t want to sacrifice our approach to match the amount insurance is willing to reimburse. The number of intake visits that are needed will depend on the type of service you are seeking and the amount of diagnostics and testing involved. If you need flexible payment options, please inquire about our monthly payment plans through STRIPE.


  • UnitedHealthcare
  • UnitedHealthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • GEHA - UnitedHealthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • Oscar
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Oxford
  • UHC Student Resources
  • UMR
  • All Savers (UHC)
  • Health Plans Inc
  • Medica (Eligible if policy is commercial only)
  • Surest (Formerly Bind)*


  • Meritain
  • Nippon
  • Allied Benefit Systems
  • GEHA - United Healthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • Trustmark
  • Trustmark Small Business Benefits
  • Health Scope
  • Christian Brothers Services


BlueCross BlueShield 

  • Excellus
  • Excellus blue choice option (through medicaid)
  • Excellus child health plus
  • Excellus medicare
  • Medicare part B
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western NY
  • Empire
  • Highmark
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield